Opening Keynote: We Apologise for the Inconvenience

Shipping pharma product is regulated, the product value is high and patient safety is at risk. Consequently, pharma shippers cannot rely solely on trust or “don’t worry” forwarding services.

In a complex world of air cargo, with many stakeholders, conflicts of interest, limited system integration, and real-time integrated tracking & tracing capabilities, pharma shippers need to know the facts and details to minimise and mitigate the risk of product damage, excursions or even loss.

This ‘Day in a Life’ presentation will show pharma’s day-to-day challenges, daily experiences and preventive actions implemented to protect their product. Paying premium rates, shippers expect solid and reliable premium services at origin, in transit and at destination, as well as taking ownership to guarantee patient safety in the interest of all of us.

Presented by Steef van Amersfoort at AbbVie.