In addition to FlyPharma’s live events, we have put together a ‘COVID Challenges’ webinar series. Expert speakers from pharma, manufacturing, distribution, and technology showcase their knowledge in overcoming the difficulties this pandemic has brought to the industry, and what still needs to be done to promote growth and profit.  


Our first webinar was held in January 2021, and is now available on demand. Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for Pharma Manufacturing and Logistics in the Face of COVID-19, our panel explored how companies can embrace new opportunities and find success despite the industry’s disruption. Click here to find out more and watch the webinar.


Our second in this series, How COVID-19 Is Shifting the Landscape of End-to-End Pharma Logistics, was held in July 2021. How has COVID-19 changed industry priorities as the need for reliable temperature-controlled supply chains becomes increasingly important? Learn how your peers are rising to the challenge and building resilience to supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19 in this webinar, available to view on demand today.


Our third webinar in the series took place in February 2022. Building a Sustainable and Resilient Pharma Supply Chain Beyond COVID-19 explored the possibilities waiting to be seized by forward-thinking leadership. Learn more and watch this webinar here.