In the midst of a pandemic, the pharma industry has had to not just maintain, but increase, its existing workload, while navigating the logistical challenges that COVID-19 has placed in its path. At a time when you would want your products to be produced and to reach patients twice as fast, it is twice as hard to make this happen.


How do pharma manufacturers and logistics/cargo companies overcome the challenges to get their supply chains back on track and keep them there? Even better, how can they embrace new opportunities and find success despite the industry’s disruption?


In this first webinar, our speakers from both pharma and logistics sections tackle the following points:


– Vaccine supply and distribution – what are the challenges to meeting demand?

– How do you keep continuity of supply and access to all medicines – not just COVID-19-specific ones?

– Is it possible to remain flexible and maintain production even during last-minute local/national lockdowns?

– How will the pharma industry monitor and protect the vast amount of data that will inevitably be generated? Are new digitalisation strategies needed to make this work?

– How can you stand out from and get ahead of your competition?

– Do you need to look for new ways to divert your role and your business in order to find a new niche?

– What opportunities are now available – can we turn a negative into a positive?

– What will the pharma supply chain look like after COVID-19, and how much more resilient will it become in being able to handle future global disruptions?


This event is now available on demand. Click the link to register and watch now!